Monday, December 16, 2013

Arts Law Conversations: A Surprisingly Readable Guide for Arts Entrepreneurs

It's here!

In 2005 Ruly Press published Art Law Conversations: A Surprisingly Readable Guide for Visual Artists. This title received a rating of Essential from the American Library Association's CHOICE Magazine, and was named to CHOICE's 2006 list of Outstanding Academic Titles. Art Law Conversations was a finalist in ForeWord Magazine's 2006 Book of the Year Awards and, in January 2008, was named the First Place winner, reference category, in the annual Writers Digest International Self-Published Book Awards. It was used as a textbook in college and university art business classes, nationwide.

On January 1, 2014 Ruly Press will release a revised and updated edition, Arts Law Conversations: A Surprisingly Readable Guide for Arts Entrepreneurs. This new edition is completely reorganized for use as a text, yet retains the conversational, easy-to-read style that made Art Law Conversations so popular. The new edition has been prepared not just for visual artists, but for entrepreneurs in all artistic disciplines.

Arts Law Conversations is divided into four sections:  Navigating the Legal System; Intellectual Property; Contracts; and Business Issues You Might Have Overlooked. "You Try" exercises follow most Conversations.

As songwriter Terre Roche said, At the end of each Conversation you get to try your own hand at lawyering.  And that's where Elizabeth is like a great dance partner. You didn't think you could do it, but you're dancing!

This book is for everyone! It's for creatives: musicians, filmmakers, writers, performers, visual artists. It's for industry professionals: agents, managers, lawyers, galleries, venues. It's for teachers and students. It's for the business community. We all create, and we all consume the creative work of others.

These brief Conversations, featuring characters in real-life situations, will help readers spot and understand the legal issues that too often cause creators and consumers alike to roll their eyes and use bad words.

You'll get it. You might even laugh.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

What's Next?

Arts Law For Everyone: A Surprisingly Readable Guide for 
Arts Entrepreneurs

Coming in 2013

Following release, this blog will become a discussion forum for readers, instructors and students.

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